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Channel Disruption

Branding What Is Branding Anyway?

Relationships are a hand shake. Businesses still shake hands.

Businesses don't have enough hands to shake every hand, thus businesses seek to replace it with "brand". Brand is the perception of an organizations value, and branding is the practice of building recognized value in the minds of your customers.

So, when people think about your brand, what kind of relationship have you built with them?

Design Aristotle said it all starts with the eye

We have lots of awards and years of experience in designing materials that communicate to your clients.

RedFusion Design Studio

Campaign Management Marketing & Advertising Can Be Complex. We Help You Manage It

We believe that one of the dirty little secrets of marketing is "execution". Ross Perot said, “its all about execution, and I’m the executioner” In other words, if you don’t execute, I will.” This is true with marketing as well. A carefully built plan, must be fully executed. This is one of the primary reasons small business marketing doesn’t work.

RedFusion works with you to fully execute each marketing plan and campaign.

Website We Have Built Hundreds Of Websites

From HTML, Flash, CMS and HTML5, we understand the technical issues of websites.

What is important about websites is that that they are properly positioned within the marketing plan, so that you can leverage multiple aspects, media and drivers... so your business grows.

Digital can be complicated

Our team has been curious, investigative and tested different digital angles of digital marketing, so you don't have to. We continue to spend valuable research time to bring our clients the most current trends in digital and social media.

You could hire a digital-guy and pay for his learning curve, or you could hire our whole team and be ahead of the curve.

Print Print is NOT dead...

We have managed and designed millions of printed materials from brochures, to direct mailing to selling tools.

Most of our clients still have tremendous success with print, because many businesses are very niche. We understand not all print works, but you may want to take a second look at your plan, and we can help.

And if it matters, we have award winning print designers.

Public Relations The Power Of Content, Leveraged In Press Releases

If content is king, context is queen. We not only control some of our own news making outlets, but we also understand the power of telling your story.

Our team has writers on staff who give your news a polished and professional look. We also have the digital talent that propels your content online, to your target markets and the world beyond.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

We have been successful in our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies from the beginning of Google and Yahoo, because we know that with "Authoritative Content", your website will be found in your market. Don't be fooled - no one can guarantee search engine results.

We use white-hat techniques, focus on original content and make sure you're found in all relevant spaces. We have tools to track your competition and we understand that "Social Media" is the next frontier for SEO.

Advertising We Can Build And Manage Your Advertising Campaigns

Marketing positioning comes first. If called for, adverting people's eyes to your message comes next. We have a team with Online/Offline experience not only to plan and manage your advertising campaigns, BUT we also look at how you can achieve your goals.

We also have invested many hours into the American Advertising Federation, the unifying voice of advertising, so that we keep up with the bleeding edge techniques in the industry.

PPC Pay Per Click Advertising

Our digital team has broad experience in online adverting practices. We are a partnered with leading PPC providers, allowing us to best fit your buys into the best tools.

With our years of advertising experience on the branding, PPC is a great complement to branding and can bring you superior ROI.

Marketing Story Your Story should be Unique – Communicating It Is Essential

Unless you have the only well in the desert, communicating your business story is extremely important.

No business’ story should be the same, but the rules of engagement are. We help connect your story to your target audience creating a differentiation in the mind of the reader. Our consultants specialize in market positioning and emplacement. The single most important element of small business success.

Your marketing team

The secret of successful marketing is having a team that can execute the entire program.

No one person ever has all the skills necessary to effect today's complex marketing challenges, it takes a team. Today, the marketing team needed is more specialized than when the Internet was new. A marketing team must include the positioning and management side, as well as the execution side (Planning, Analysis and Execution). Just as a defensive tackle is not a break-free runner or long receiver, a graphic artist is not a writer, webmaster, sales coach and online advertising expert.

RedFusion has assembled experts in all areas of marketing execution: inbound marketing campaigns, project management, creative development, technical and digital communications, public relations, writing and content development, programming, campaign analysis and strategic planning.

RedFusion, located in the Inland Empire, provides a solid foundation based on the decades of understanding small business success, became a kind of marketing department for hire. We have everything necessary to play the game against even the big corporations that want your customers.

The foundation of marketing successMarketing Growth

Our foundation for marketing success starts with a good relationship: aligning your needs with our capabilities through an honest exploration process.

"If you throw enough mud on the wall, some of it is going to stick", describes the way many businesses market. We don't like throwing mud. We like finding your niche. Real growth comes when you find your niche and fill it.

We believe that "Marketing is a complete discipline designed to plan and execute the battle for niches within the market."

Our goal with all clients is to build trust, then help your business position itself in its niche, and then work together to execute your marketing plan.

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