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San Bernardino businesses have raved about the business improvement tools we put together! 

We still have a limited number of these programs for businesses with over 5 full time employees. I thought you might like to know more about them.

Contract Objectives

Consultant & Company Working as a Team:
1. Discuss/debate performance issues that currently impede strategy.
2. Gain senior management agreement regarding High-Impact/Low-Performance areas.
3. Identify performance improvement goals
4. Determine action items, due dates, and metrics

Company Implementation with Internal Staff:
1. Determine and allocate the necessary resources to achieve each goal.
2. Develop and communicate performance improvement plan.
3. Execute plan

Products and Services Included

 Quad Strat Online Assessment
We believe that effective strategy begins by first understanding where you are as a business, team and individual. Toward that end, we use Quad Strat online assessment to get anonymous feedback from key individuals at the board, executive, management and frontline levels.

The core drivers on strategy and culture are revealed by asking best practices questions divided into 19 principal  elements. This comprehensive overview of the organization, from the minds of the people working in it, quickly brings understanding of “where we are.” 

Behavioral Analysis for 4 Key Staff Members
Four key staff members will be given a behavioral
assessment to determine the tendencies of the organization toward action, planning, organization and execution.  Behaviorally balanced businesses get better results because their people understand that individual differences give them depth and breadth. The more people understand each other, the better they work as a team to find and solve problems.

Small Business School Bonus Membership
Participating businesses will receive a free one year membership allowing them access to videos, case studies, and key business development questions based on hundreds of Small Business School episodes from PBS. Watching Peer success stories, lessons learned, and best practices, from the shows, will be part of the success curriculum, illustrating what other successful business people have done to mitigate weaknesses and build upon their strengths. 

Coaching and Action Planning
24-hours per Company
While information is valuable, success is only achieved through practice and execution. The Quad Strat assessment will deliver insight for developing an action plan that will provide the best short and long term results for your business.

RedFusion Business Consulting can provide business consulting in the following areas: QS Small Business Assessment Results and Review, Strategic & Financial Action Planning, Strategic Marketing and Growth Initiatives, Team Building and Organizational Development, Process Improvement, Quality Management Services, Product Development/Diversification Services, Energy Services/ Environmental Services, IT Services (Leveraging Technology) and Succession Planning.

SBETAThis program is funded by the City of San Bernardino Employment and Training Agency.

Equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.