Advertising in Tough Times?

Philosophies differ on what to do to build business if we are in a down economy. Some say this is precisely when ad budgets should go up, but historically when business is bad, media companies are the first to see a drop as ad budgets can be cut so easily. The top 100 companies spent less in 2007 overall but increased their advertising over 40% online! It is very clear that online… Read More

If You HaveTeen Customers Today Or Adult Customers Tomorrow Listen (Text) UP

The Pew Internet and American Life Project reported that nearly ALL teens in the US are online. . . and active in texting. (Writing for those of us over 22.) Overall 94% are online, and if the income category under $30,000 in household income is eliminated, it is over 97%! Responding teens were heavy users of electronic communications overall: 71% had a mobile phone, 59% had a notebook or desktop PC, 58%… Read More

Search Trends: Number of page results searchers look at.

Having your website be found in search engines is extremely important and often it is very cost effective. New studies show that Internet surfers are relying more and more from results on the first page of keyword searches. This study done by, shows that the percentage of search engine users that select their choice from the 1st page of results has increased from 32% in 2002 to 41% in 2008. Searchers… Read More

The Internet Under The Surface – The Quiet Explosion

Internet Website Marketing – June 8, 2004 By Jon Burgess The popular press lost interest following the stock market bust which some believe was lead by over rated Internet stocks. But no one told the users of the Internet. It has continually increased in almost every performance metric, from online users and purchases to the use of email and search. In a recent USA Today interview of several of the Internet’s most… Read More