RedFusion Media’s – Local Target Marketing Campaign Reports

Understanding campaign results.

There are two reports within the campaign results section. The “Campaign Activity Report” which shows daily accounting, and the “Campaign Status Report” which details the keywords from search engines and percentage results of the campaign.


Login into your account to view the current and previous results is easy.

You were issued a username and password, along the login location, when your account was set up. If you need us to send that again, please contact us using the “support” email.

When you are logged in, you will see the current and past campaign activities, click on the campaign name to see the detailed results.

Campaign Activity Report

The first screen is the campaign activity report. The campaign activity report includes daily results of the campaign. As you scroll down you will see the date, the amount spent on that day, the number of impressions, the visits, calls, emails, and web events.

When you click a highlighted link, you will land on a second page, the Campaign Activity Report. The top box of the report shows the current campaign you are looking at, and will allow you to change the time period.

The second box shows the cumulative results for the time period. You can click on the “orange” numbers to see the detailed results.


“Impressions” and “Visits” are actually the default view.


“Calls” will show you the details of the incoming phone calls;and when possible the phone number and ownership information and result of the call.

You can listen to the conversation when you click on the “green phone” to the right of the call information. The file will play an “.asf” file, which can open in “Windows Media Player”, “QuickTime”, or other common audio programs. You must have a player and speakers to hear the conversation.

“Web Events” show a number of various items, most commonly pages within your site that have been viewed. Typically these are noted when the ad campaign is set up.

Campaign Status Report

You can get to the Campaign Status Report by clicking the orange words “View Campaign Status Report” just to the right of the “Campaign Activity Report”.


The campaign status report indicates the large search engines and directories that you are running your ad on, and the results of the best keywords.


The report also allows you to look at the percentage performance of the campaign. You can also view the campaign in graphs, by clicking the “View Graphical Version” below “Campaign Diagnostics”



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